Taking you in the right direction...

How do you measure the success of your club? Is it based on what you have accomplished so far...or where you’ll be in the future? You may have outstanding amenities, a beautiful facility, spectacular surroundings and a membership waiting list...and still face challenges in achieving long term success.

That’s because the environment for private clubs–whether city, country, golf, athletic or yacht—is constantly changing. You’re up against shifts in members’ preferences and lifestyles along with increased competition from other clubs, restaurants, hotels and daily fee golf courses, which can impact your lunch, dinner, banquet and golf-related business.

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Plus, your governing board of directors often changes from year to year, causing instability in decision-making and policy implementation.

You need consistency. You need a roadmap that will set the direction for your club and keep its management focused on specific actions and goals. You need a plan that is based on your club’s unique image, location and legacy.

The Ferreira Company delivers a range of services exclusively to private clubs. Our consultants have years of hands-on club management experience. Our research experts have years of data and trend analysis experience. Together, they work with you to develop a specialized plan of action to ensure member satisfaction, continued membership growth and prosperity for your club.

The Ferreira Company is a preferred vendor of CMAA's Premier Club Services®

Here’s what we offer:

Experience in consulting to hundreds of North American city, country, golf, athletic and yacht clubs
Hands-on management experience at member-owned and for-profit private clubs
More than three decades of conducting market research, focus group sessions, surveys, membership demographic projections and strategic plan development
Advanced research, data collection and statistical techniques for accurate data interpretation
A model for accurately forecasting membership potential based on local demographics
A model for projecting the changes in the membership demographics ten years out
Survey questions that accurately predict member support for a project, whether they will vote to pass it and the price they are willing to pay for it
Easily understood research results built on a foundation of academic accuracy and honesty
Non-biased findings and recommendations. The Ferreira Company is not affiliated with an architectural or club management company