At the Ferreira Company, the choice is academic

Dr. Raymond Ferreira, founder and president of the Ferreira Company is uniquely qualified in both of these areas. Not only was he a full-time club manager for 12 years, but he taught at Georgia State University’s School of Hospitality Administration and University of Houston’s Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management for two decades. He is also a nationally-recognized academic research expert in the private club industry.

Dozens of research articles published in private club publications
Numerous presentations at annual conferences and regional CMAA (Club Management Association of America) and CSCM (Canadian Society of Club Managers) meetings
Developed the Business Management Institute (BMI) Sports Management Workshop for CMAA
Taught the membership development and marketing section of BMI 1 for CMAA in Atlanta and CSCM in Toronto for two decades
Presented at conferences in Europe and Asia on the topics of private club strategic planning, marketing research, projecting demographic changes in clubs, and membership development
Consulting services to over 490 clubs over three decades