Membership Demographic Forecasting

Membership Demographic Forecasting

“Dr. Ferreira has completed different consulting assignments for both Farmington Country Club and The Country Club of Virginia. He developed a membership development plan, facilitated a strategic planning session with the Board and conducted a very important survey for the development of a master capital plan. He did a superb job in all of those ventures. Having once served as a club manager himself, Dr. Ferreira has a clear perspective and understanding of the private club industry, which greatly empowered him in taking us through a very complex and lengthy planning and survey process. With complete confidence I would unwaveringly recommend the Ferreira Company”

Phil Kiester, CCM; The Country Club of Virginia, Richmond

Future Membership Profile

Planning for the future is essential for all successful clubs. No matter what the purpose for planning is (i.e., major capital projects, by-law changes, policy changes, or general strategic planning) it is critical to know what the profile of the membership will be in a decade. Will the membership be younger or older than the current membership? Will there be more families with children under the age of ten? Will there be more teenagers? Knowing what the profile of your membership will be in a decade and how that may differ from your current membership profile is vital information for any planning process.

The Ferreira Company, using demographic information about your current membership base, the demographics of members who recently joined and resigned, and the demographics of the area around the club can accurately forecast what the membership profile will be ten years from now. The forecast model uses accurate mortality and actuarial models developed for the private club industry to estimate the membership profile.

Membership Development

Having the right mix of members is the key for any club. The Ferreira Company can guide your club through the process of implementing the right plan of action to achieve the proper number of members in each category. It is vital for clubs to attract prosperous and prominent community members for membership.

The Ferreira Company develops plans of action for clubs needing to attract more members, clubs with a wait list that is perceived as being too long, or clubs wanting to increase the number on their wait list. All membership plans take into account the club’s exclusive nature and sponsorship requirements. We utilize demographic data to accurately forecast a club’s potential membership size at various pricing structures.

Forecast Models

We utilize member, club, and city data to accurately forecast the ten-year change in a club’s demographic makeup and the potential number of members a club may have at different price levels. They are the ONLY valid and reliable models in the club industry today!