Testimonials From Club Managers…

Dr. Ferreira has completed surveys at two different clubs I was affiliated with, Glen Oak Country Club and Cherokee Town and Country (Atlanta). He was very professional and the Board was very impressed with the process, including the analysis and presentation of the survey results. He conducted a very important survey that is aiding us in the development of a master capital plan. He did a superb job in both of those ventures. Having once served as a club manager himself, Dr. Ferreira has a clear perspective and understanding of the private club industry, which greatly empowered him in taking us through a very complex and lengthy survey process. Based on my experience and the feedback that I have received from dozens of other managers who have used the Ferreira Company, I would unwaveringly recommend the Ferreira Company without hesitation…

Marc Raymond, CCM
Kankak Country Club — Kankak, IL

The board of directors and I are extremely pleased with the five different surveys and strategic plan developed by Dr. Ferreira for the Piedmont Driving Club over the past two decades. The surveys and reports are very straightforward and always meet the specific goals and objectives that the board and management have for the different surveys. His interpretation of the results of the capital plan survey and presentation gave the board the confidence to proceed with a major multimillion dollar major renovation and gain membership approval. I would unhesitatingly recommend Dr. Ferreira to any club…”

Gary Lanneau, Jr., CCM
Piedmont Driving Club, Atlanta, GA

“Your participatory approach as a facilitator and the strategic planning sessions with the board was perfect. Your presentation of the club’s data, membership survey results, industry trends, and market research while facilitating input from the directors gave everyone a sense of ownership. At the end of the retreat and planning sessions, the strategic plan was the board’s plan, not your company’s plan.”

David P. Nightingale, CCM
The Peninsula Golf and Country Club, San Mateo, CA

“The membership development plan developed for the Granite Club more than a decade and half ago has worked better than expected. We continue to exceed our annual membership goals, have a fully subscribed Senior membership category and a solid wait list to draw candidates from. Your leadership and expertise gave the Board and Management confidence in implementing the annual plans your company developed with us. The forecasting of how the Club’s demographics would change and the membership surveys conducted over the past two and half decades have strategically positioned the Club for success well into the next century.”

Mary Elizabeth Sullivan, CCM
Granite Club, Toronto, ON

Having gone through the membership survey process using the Ferreira Company during my tenure at Capital City Club, I knew exactly how much time and detail went into creating a survey. When I took the position as General Manager at Atlanta Country Club, I knew exactly who to turn when looking to provide the members of ACC with a survey that would allow them to voice their needs and ideas for the future of our club. Dr. Ferreira’s meticulous care in assembling information from focus groups, to seamless execution of a survey, to final results assured me that he was the right man for the job. Dr. Ferreira’s vast experience working with clubs and club surveys added another layer of depth and integrity to the entire process.

Hugo C. Welch, CCM, Assistant General Manager
Capital City Club, Atlanta, GA