Facilitator-led Retreats and Planning Sessions


“From the start, my Board of Directors and I were very impressed with Dr. Ray’s experience, up-to-date knowledge regarding trends and best practices in the private club industry. His assistance in facilitating and keeping everyone on-track at our strategic planning meetings proved insightful and productive. He has facilitated three retreats for us over the last seven years. We consider him a partner in helping us further develop our strategic objectives of being one of the premier golf clubs in the country.”

Ashton R. Harris, CCM; The Honors Course, Chattanooga, TN

A neutral third party can help you navigate through the issues and personal biases related to club planning, policy or change in direction. A facilitator can make the process more objective, friendlier and move it along more quickly.

The Ferreira Company provides you with a seasoned professional to lead and facilitate your board meeting, planning session or retreat for developing a strategic plan, long-range plan or addressing other club-related issues.

Your facilitator can:

Identify prior to the session(s) goals, objectives and topics
Assist in planning the agenda for the session(s)
Recommend content for the session’s informational binder
Identify pre-meeting planning tasks for participants and distribute a pre-session SWOT survey
Facilitate and lead the session(s)
Present trends and standards in the club industry
Prepare a report on the results of the meeting(s) along with the group’s recommended course of action