Strategic Planning

Expanding Your Boundaries…Strategic Planning

“The Ferreira Company assisted the Chevy Chase Club in three membership surveys and a strategic plan. They presented the results of the survey in an easy to understand format that allowed the club to comprehend how the members felt about issues confronting the club. The graphs and the cross tabulations made it easy to see where select groups within the membership differed in their viewpoint on key issues. The information was very helpful in developing the club’s long-range master plan and strategic plan.”

Luke O´Boyle, CCM, CCE; Chevy Chase Club, Maryland /DC area
Your long term success begins with a strategic plan. The same kind of plan utilized by successful corporations in a variety of industries. These companies recognize that the more you know about your customer, product and competitors, the easier it is to be successful.

A strategic plan is based on your club’s mission statement, vision, goals and objectives. It enables your club to thrive by addressing issues related to membership, revenue, competition, location and facility renovation. A strategic plan helps you develop a master plan, to ensure that a major capital project fits the long-term needs of the club and its members.

The most important ingredient of a strategic plan is the research. That’s where the Ferreira Company excels. We gather the right information. Our operational analysis identifies the club’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Our market analysis reveals how your club compares to others in the area, so you can differentiate your offerings to appeal to both current and future members.

We’re unobtrusive but thorough. We conduct surveys and focus groups with current members as well as phone interviews with former members. We then combine this input with the results of our operational analysis and market/membership analysis.

The end result is a customized, comprehensive plan of action that is based on the needs and desires of your members and the true potential for your club.

Your Strategic Plan can help you:

   Retain membership through happier, more satisfied users
   Attract candidates for membership
   Demonstrate to members that their opinions are valued
   Encourage member involvement so they feel a sense of “ownership”
   Differentiate your club from the competition
   Increase club usage
   Enhance revenues and financial stability